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How to silence Zebex Z-3000 (and Pan.Code A300) handheld barcode reader

Gray Zebex Z-3000If you own USB version of Zebex Z-3000 (see picture) or Pan.Code A300 handheld barcode reader you've probably noticed how the thing squeals like a little pig when you connect it to a computer. This unnecessarily loud boot up beeping will eventually start to get on to your nerves if you want to keep the device connected and shut down the computer for each night. When I had enough with the startup noise I contacted the Zebex technical support concerning the issue. They sent me configuration settings barcodes to disable the annoying initialization beep. Since I am all around nice guy, I want to share the setup barcodes on my homepage.

Before loading the settings file, READ the following:
- I will not take any responsibility about whether these settings work with your particular device. If you encounter problems please contact Zebex technical support. Don't turn to me, I won't be able to help you anyway.
- Only thing I am certain is that these settings work on they grey and black Zebex Z-3000 USB barcode scanner wands bought from Finland. I think the config barcodes will work on Nordic / EU bought devices as well. That said, I haven't tried that.
If you are successful, let me know the country the device has been bought from and I'll post the info here. I have no idea if the settings should work on devices bought outside the EU, if you want to play sure, contact Zebex tech support.
Also the code has been reported to work with Pan.Code A300 scanners.
- Print the barcodes on paper to scan them. Trying to scan from the screen will generally not work at all.
A sticker on the wand- Compare the sticker on your handheld scanner with the one shown on the photo. If the sticker looks the same, you have a high probability to succeed.
- I have no info about the scanners connected with round PS/2 connector. They might not even make the initial beep for which the barcodes are meant for. Contact Zebex.

Let me emphasize that applying the settings is on YOUR OWN LIABILITY. The config barcodes were received directly from Zebex official tech support and I've applied them successfully on my own reader bought from Verkkokauppa.com store.
Once more: I will not provide any support if you run in to problems..

You may donwload the configuration barcodes here as .pdf document.
Alternatively you may download the barcodes as a .gif image. Right-click on the mouse to save the image.

Just as a precaution, I'd recommend to perform an anti-virus check after downloading the file.

After printing the barcodes and you're ready to silence the device, do the following:

1. Make sure the device is connected to computer and is working normally
2. Scan the "Start of Configuration" barcode.
3. Scan the "Power ľup tone disable" barcode.
4. Scan the "End of Configuration" barcode.
5. When you hear the confirmation tone, you can try if the setting has been successfully applied. Unplug and reinsert the device to the USB port on your computer. The tone should now be muted and no sound should be heard. Any other sound settings should not be affected.

If you wish to enable the tone again, perform the same procedure but at step three scan the "Power -up tone enable" barcode.

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