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Travel Ticket

Image of travel dream   I looked at the apartment one last time, turned off the lights and closed the door behind me. I rushed down on to the street where the taxi was already waiting for me. I sat down in the front passenger seat and told the driver the destination.
- To the passenger ferry terminal
- No luggage although going on a cruise? Peculiar.
- Life is just that.
- I see, the driver said absent-mindedly and turned on the radio.

  We drove in silence for the rest of the trip, the radio was playing elevator music in the background. During the ride I fell back to those thoughts I had felt back so many times lately. I tried to justify myself to go and leave everything behind me. I wanted to start again from a clean table - across the sea. The cruise ship terminal was full of people. It felt good to be just one person in the crowd, almost facelss.

  Last few years I had been overwhelmed by a strange feeling. Namely sometimes I felt like I had influenced too many people, I had left my mark on different things, people and events. I felt like I had lived my life like a sloppy burglar at the life's crime scene - my traces were all around.
  In the end I was an ordinary person among other people, I lived a normal life, most of my life revolving around my work. Somehow every now and then a notion came to my mind that if I'd leave for good the time would gradually erase my tracks. When I would start my new life I'd be much more precise not to leave my mark on anybody's life - or generally anything.

I joined the check-in queue. There were around twenty people in front of me, from single travellers to families and groups of friends. Contrary to others I didn't even have a backpack with me. As I waited for my turn I kept looking at the side of a cruise ship swinging on the waves outside the terminal window. As I stared the massive brightly glittering white surface of the ship I realised something profound that I wasn't able to put in to words right away. Before I knew it, my turn had came.

- Good afternoon, can I have your ticket please?
- You ... don't happen to have any cruises to Spain?
- Wh..? Of course not, we have only routes to Sweden and Tallinn. Could I have your ticket please?
- Here, but please invalidate it.
- Excuse me?
- As I said, invalidate it, keep it yourself or give it away to somebody else. I am not going to use it myself.

  The ticket clerk tried to say something but I was already walking rapidly towards a phone booth. After a quick phone call I started to trot towards the taxi stand. The taxi that had brought me to the terminal was still there. As I leaped to the passenger seat in a rush the driver startled a little as he recognized me.

- So no cruise then. Where now?
- To the airport, international departures terminal. And you may press the pedal to the metal, the Malaga flight gate closes in 45 minutes.
- We have plenty of time. Wise choice, I would have also selected Spain over Sweden.
- The rich always leave with style, I joked back.
- That's the spirit, the driver laughed.

  I realised that I had already left my mark on the taxi driver. But I didn't care as I knew that with the wealth from my lottery win I could live in Malaga just as incognito as I wanted. 

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