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In this section you'll find both factual texts and fictional stories. I hope you find the fact useful and the fiction entertaining. Without further ado I encourage you to check out the content. If you find any of the pages here appealing, feel welcome to write a word or two to my guestbook.


In the fact section we currently have:

Product tests page follows old traditions and puts all kind of gizmoducts and flexolanxes to test bench. Let's see if the consumables are really worth stacking your money to the counter.
Zebex Z-3000 barcode scanner emits a horrible noise when connecting it to a computer. With these instructions you can disable the power up tone.
This is how our group answered when we were searching for the meaning of life in a psychology class in high school senior year (1999). Now after several years I would think people would answer differently. I probably wouldn't change my own answer.


In here you can read some of the fiction texts I've written in the past. Currently all of the texts are my own translations from the Finnish originals. As I am not a professional translator you have to bear any grammar mistakes and clumsy sentences. However I'd like to hear about any BAD grammar mistakes to be able to correct them. Let me know by email or via the guestbook. Here are the texts:

A stone is being examined from three connected perspectives in this story. The text was written in spring 2005 for the creative writing course. The Stone has been polished a bit afterwards.
Swearing buzzcut hates everybody and everything until he has an enlightement. The story was written in April 2010.
How tv series The 4400 got its name is a little play on a scenario of how the title for the The 4400 science fiction tv series might have been created. The story was written in November 2009.
Travel ticket was one of the titles we had to write about in the creative writing class in spring 2006. This is a story where we get into a taxi with an intention to leave. For good.
Dialogue with myself had to be written for the creative writing class in spring 2006. In this story the first step is the hardest.
Ceremony was a general theme to write about in the creative writing class in autumn 2005. There is a shrouded mystical ceremony taking place in a church. 

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