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Stones: 3 perspectives

What a nutcase, thought Dr. Mårtensson. I should be able to do proper scientific research on this? What a joke. The man writes 300 pages about his theory on the origin of stones. Have mercy on me.
Strange stoneMårtensson walked a circle in his study room like Scrooge McDuck and cursed his superior Lehikoinen, an associate professor of history. It seemed like Lehikoinen was driving on three wheels rather than four these days, as he had been suggesting such bizarre research topics lately. Luckily the professor of the faculty had been able to block most idiotic of the ideas but this one had slipped through the net.
Lehikoinen apparently thought that Konstantin's book had an undertone of being a pacifistic cry for help on the brink of the civil war. Yeah right, it was mostly a heavy bang on mental ward doors, nothing else, puffed Mårtensson to himself. Besides the book had been written several years before the civil war. Sitting down at his desk Mårtensson started to polish his shoes and absent mindedly shrugged. Why not as long as my salary keeps getting paid.

I indeed have to write a book about this, thought Konstantin while hammering the shoes of Hilma from the neighboring house. Konstantin thought back on what skipper Aarno has told him. According to Aarno in Europe, especially in London and the whole German mainland the church and natural historians had been arguing whether God created people or if we after all were of apes. The idea to write a book had came when last week he had found a quirky looking stone in his shoe when on a walk down at the wharf. The stone probably had come across the ocean on some boat.
Since then Konstantin had been dreaming about going to London, under the crystal chandeliers of the aristocrats. Konstantin would travel there on the Skipper Aarno's steam vessel. He would then demand to see the head of London University, a hat on one hand, his book on the other. He could even bring a pair of self made shoes as a gift, if he only knew the right size.
Oh, the look on the faces of London's gentlemen when he would give them the Origin of Stones. After all Konstantin had studied the Bible and watched the farmer's crop grow. How could it be different with stones? Skipper Aarno had told Konstantin about lava, last year a fiery mountain had spewed rocks and lava from within. After the eruption there had been scores of rocks all around the landscape Skipper Aarno had told Konstantin. Polishing Hilma's church shoes shiny, Konstantin's mind was set on a definite goal. Former shoemaker of Lapua, the future Count Konstantin of London.

So what now, just stay put here until the end of the world? I guess so. Luckily I got friends here next to me. They're quite silent though. But so am I. A mouth would be useful for speaking. Hey, what the heck happens now? Is that piece of granite trying to make a pass on me? Shoo away you rascal! I would only form a mountain with a marble of my status.
OUCH! Who dares to kick me on .... well me in general. A tall bipedal like that, it's quite easy to trample on others, isn't it? I shall jump inside your shoe, how does that feel?! Now he's sitting on my pal, Big Boulder, and lifts me from his shoe staring at me. Haven't you seen a stone before? Now he puts me in his pocket. Hey, exciting, this could be a start of an adventure!

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