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Product tests

On my previous homepages people were strangely attracted to a product review section I had, so why not recycle the idea. The strangest product contraptions that I err to buy will end up to the test bench - especially if they turn out sucking badly or happen to be suprisingly excellent. I try to avoid any average products as much as I can. If you think there's a product that deserves a review (and is available in Finland), let me know via guest book or email. If you want to make sure I'll review the product you can always mail it by post or have it delivered to my doorstep :) And no, I will not accept plutonium rods, no matter how nicely they glow in the dark.

Products tested: Carrera shaver

Lidl's Carrera shaver

Carrera shaver

- Product reviewed: Dec 30, 2009

  On the shelves of German premier retail chain Lidl's Finnish branch store I caught a glimpse of Carrera electric razor. Since I had been in search of a basic electric shaver I thought I'd give this silver shimmering creation of modern design a try. As the name infers a Porsche sports car model, I thought this could be the ultimate ride for me. This must be German quality product™. After I had stacked twenty some units of the European monetary union currency to the cashier and saying my auf wiedersehens, I could hardly wait to be able to take the wheel of the Carrera.

The packaging of the Carrera didn't include any suprises and also the instruction booklet was quite basic. The included address to order spare blades spoke against the product being a flimsy throw away.
The shaver itself is a basic dual blade machine equipped with a trimmer blade. The weight is about average I'd say. The shell is shimmering silver and the apparatus boasts cool battery status indicator led lights. So overall the design is quite good, on the surface nothing is right away screaming "cheapo".
The instruction book said that the batteries are empty when delivered and the apparatus needs to be charged for some serious hours. As I plugged the machine into mains the battery indicator lit up indicating a full battery. At somepoint the indicator crashed to the bottom and then rose to full suspiciously fast. However I left it charging for the minimum time recommended.

After one or two minutes of shaving it became obvious that the machine is a real dud. It resembles way more a two cylinder station wagon Wartburg than a Porsche. The shave result is something that a faulty lawn mower would do: patches here, patches there. After giving your best effort with this machine, you wouldn't want to go out to public with your face, unless you're into "alcoholic dementia" look. The shave result won't improve no matter how many laps you drive with Carrera around your face. You need to use a manual razor blade to have a decent finish. Usually Lidl products have even remote sense of quality but Carrera is a total wreck as an electric shaver.

+ Shiny exterior
+ Cool battery charge indicator LEDs
+ Long battery life

- Worst electic razor in the universe
- General disappointment and aggravation

Rating: 2 / 10
Conclusion: "Zum Teufel! Was ist mit dieser Rasierapparat?! AAARGH!!!"

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