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Careless moving company - October 13, 2017

The site has moved hosting and the moving company guys have been very careless. Totally disorganized and chaotic move caused several things to break. Most of the damage has been fixed with duct tape but unfortunately some things still await either fixing or dusting away to dust bin. In the next few weeks these things will be cleaned up. Unfortunately guestbook has to be counted as a loss, and photo gallery will also be tidied into a bin as it is.

Pop open the bonnet - April 22, 2013

Although it has been quiet on the site on the outside, there has been some major work done under the hood, namely the Links section has been altered to use a database as an engine. This should not affect on your driving experience but helps managing the links easier so it will definitely make link updates more frequent. However If something weird appears on your monitor screen, please mention it on the guest book or even send a driect email.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - December 25, 2011

It seems a long time since there has been any English news. Fear not the site has not been forgotten and e.g. links have been kept up to date constantly. The site team do wish you a Merry Christmas. What comes to New Year, please do have a proper fest as 2012 is supposed to be the end of the world :) However thanks for visiting and welcome again, I am sure new content in English will be available sooner rather than later.

Gallery beaten to working order - March 9, 2010

Site Master Maekelainen nearly suffocated to his bun roll as he saw how the Photos section worked with Internet Explorer. Gallery was basically unusable. MC El Ainen grabbed a wrench and started to beat the gallery around to make it work. Now finally after a mild degree of virtual violence the gallery has been bent in place. Of the five days of hard work Picture Manager Maggelainen has this brief comment: "That was one %&@%! job to get it working. The gallery just grinned back at me the first couple of times when I hit it with the wrench. Well who's laughing now? Huh?"
Jarmake.com site team hopes you can now enjoy the photos.

4.0 is here!- March 4, 2010

Jari is smiling like an oat cookie and there is indeed reasons to get joyous because the best and largest 4th site version has now been published. Jarmake.com's one man web editor team has bought a long Dallas bun roll and made somme coffee. A piece of coffee bread in one hand and cup pf steaming hot in other the site upgrade coordinator Steve Mackelainen wants to say a few words: "We've worked very hard for this release but in the end we have achieved all goals and the site is, even if I say it myself, very cool."
We are recommending using only the latest web browser when surfing the site but it should look okayish even with older ones. However keeping you internet browser up to date is the resposibility of all web users and part of better computer security for us all. We wish you safe browing with jarmake.com's brand new version! Remember to check out the new two sections: Photos and Retrospection (found under Funnies). And also remember write to the guestbook and tell us what you think of the new layout!

Site version 4.0 is under construction - February 19, 2010

Website baker J.M has revealed today that a new, already 4th, version of the site is being baked. Version 4.0 will bring both layout changes and content expansion. So far it's known that the new layout is more colourful, there will be a new front page, two completely new sections, one is still secret and the other is the Retrospection section that is a part of Finnish site already. The work is in good momentum but there is still a lot of code dough to be baked. The virtual dough puncher Maekelaeinen is refusing to give estimate on work completion date but comments: "There will be no appetizers served - rather we slam the cake on the table when we're done decorating it." The current recipe indicates a fistful of html4 and a good amount of css2 for decoration as ingredients.

Jarmake.com rides to the rescue - December 6, 2009

Jarmake.com has come to the rescue and is offering relief those who own USB version of Zebex Z-3000 handheld barcode reader. Jarmake.com has first hand expereince on how this device blasts out an apocalyptic beep every time it is being connected to the computer. Using his wits, techwizard Jari "Cyber Cowboy" McEläinen has rode the bitstreams and found the barcodes to disable the primal scream the device emits. Like a true wild west hero J.M. "Six-Shoot" has lassoed the beast and is now offering you these barcodes for free. So, ride on to the sunset after grabbing the barcodes from Texts saloon.

Let's burn it - September 2, 2009

The Jarmake.com's fault alarm started flashing lights accompanied by ear splitting siren unexpectedly today. After consulting diagnostic schematics Jarmake.com's on duty alert response team located the malfunction to guestbook's submit form that refused to add new entries. In few minutes the malfunction's source had been identified and the submit form was brought back online. The on duty alert responce chief J.Makelainen describes the actions of the alert response team as fast and efficient. "This was a near perfect performance by Alert Response Team, thanks to our constant and regular drills.", Makelainen says with great pride.

Recipe for disaster - August 9, 2009

Panic swept through Jarmake.com as site night guard J. Mäkeläinen spotted that the link page had ceased operation. The reason was revealed to be missing link material. Night guard J. Mäkeläinen suspects that the site's high usage rate has possibly oxidized the links or then they have been mistakenly misplaced during maintenance operations. The irreplaceable links weren't duplicated during last site changes so there was a deep concern that the links had been lost forever. The archive master Jari M. however decided to check if there would be an antique version of the links laying on some drive corner. Indeed, under a file rubble a month old dusted version was found and the site was restored to normal working order. The relieved site curator Jarmake hummed along the chorus of song Shake before use by Finnish rock band Apulanta: "... some errror in programming / missing parts of code / I replace with pessimism ..."

Bread and circuses - August 4, 2009

Following the change on the Finnish side, the not that useful CV page has been turned into a entertainment zone. CV will be replaced by the highly fun concentrated, so called "Funnies" page. The Website Circus Director J. Mäkeläinen wishes you a warm welcome to our mini amusement park. At the current moment there is only one attraction: the brand new and shiny Scoopator 3000. In this global financial situation it is currently unknown when and how our amusement park will be expanded, says the Virtual CFO J-P Mäkeläinen. In spite, Mäkeläinen is hoping that people will enter the amusement park with confidence since even a short entertainment moment has a big impact on a person's ability to cope with the grey and dull everyday life.

Nuclear winter catches off guard at autumn time - September 26, 2008

Jari "Doomsday" Mäkeläinen has been a busy end of the world guy and built a new site. Now is the big launch time so ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you: www.nuclearwinter.eu. The site in question combines texts and images to create a short story about a survivor of an imagined nuclear winter. Apocalypse-Mäkeläinen wishes a farewell to the site and suggests keeping a scarf handy in case the nuclear freeze feels cold. Have a good kaboom!

Link section added - August 18, 2007

The site's Super-Walrus Jari-Pekka "Manatee" M. has added links to the site. The concept is that since people will eventually shake the site's dust off the feet, they may as well do it with style. Next time the visitor doesn't have to tap dance back to Google but he or she can even travel to the other side of the internet. The best part is that the link selection will grow in the near future. The sitewalrus wishes you a good journey.

Facelift - July 22, 2006

The visitor satisfaction survey has concluded that the visitors to the site haven't felt the new layout as being successful. Due to this the site has gone through a facelift operation that will hopefully make the site more aesthetic. The Site's Chief Plastic Coder, Jari "Steady Razor" Mäkeläinen, describes the operation: "Prior to the operation we only received obscure and evasive one word comments. I believe that the operation went so well that we can expect whole sentence comments."

As the new layout is even more based on the CSS2 standard it is favored that the visitors use latest browser versions while surfing the site. The minimum resolution requirements have stayed the same during the refactoring. The Chief Plastic Coder Jari Mäkeläinen is hoping to hear feedback whether the new layout is successful as well as if any complications have arised.

New name, new look, old habits. - April 21, 2006

This site has a new short & solid address: jarmake.com. Update & Content Manager Jari "Jarmake" Mäkeläinen sheds a light on the name: "Jarmake as a word has been showing up on my previous net addresses so many people are familiar with it. You may pronounce the name in Finnish way - JAH-RMA-KEH or in the English way jar-make. I am hoping the address change will help people save some time when typing the address."

The new address will not make the iki.fi -address invalid in any way, a visitor will be able to use both as the iki.fi address redirects to jarmake.com. Although jarmake.com will be easier to remember. Also emails work with the iki.fi address as well. When sending email using the new address in front of the at -sign write either jari or jarmake and on the right side of it write jarmake.com.

Also with the new name, a new layout for the site has been launched. Feedback about the new layout will be gladly received. The new layout has been coded in XHTML and CSS2. The site will work pretty much identically in any major browser, however the version of the browser needs to be relatively recent to work correctly. The recommended minimum resolution is 800x600 except for the front page which is recommended to be viewed with minimum 1024x768 resolution. 

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