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Jarmake.com recommends especially:

UN World Food Program Kiva.org: Microloans that change lives

Unfortunately links are 'a little' broken :\
  • > UN's World Food Programme - WFP delivers food aid to about 70 million people a year. You may donate online with a credit card. Donating an equivalent of your one regular lunch will go a long way
  • > Kiva.org - Help somebody with a small loan. You have good chance getting the money back and at the same time helping a person
  • > Fiverr - Site where people can sell or buy small services or products for five US dollars
  • > The ugly bug ball - Dating service for the normal looking (=ugly) people. I wish this would be opened in Finland too
  • > Red Meat - The newest Red Meat comic strip
  • > Homestar Runner - Humor loaded Flash animation
  • > Adultswin - Professionally produced bizarre but funny tv or more precisely web series
  • > Funny or die - Short video clips from amateurs and professionals alike
  • > Time and date - Site has several time zone tools
  • > Free Images - Former Stock.xchng - A lot of free to use pictures and graphics, only short registration required
  • > Nuclear Winter - Site tells a fictional story of a nuclear winter survivor
  • > DWOTD - Dutch word of the day
  • > City of Pori - Pori sucks ass
  • > City of Tampere - Tampere rules
  • > City of Vantaa - Vantaa is ... can we change subject?
  • > The Knowhere Guide (UK) - See what people say about different places in the UK across multiple topics
  • > Disinformation - News picks from which you can decide yourself where this world is going
  • > The Genealogical Society of Finland - Huge resource concerning Finnish immigration to different countries
  • > Seat Guru - Tells you which seat to reserve on which airline depending on the plane's model
  • > Battery University - This university's online courses will teach you all you need to know about batteries
  • > Superheating and microwave ovens - Be careful when cooking water in a microwave oven
  • > Meteoalarm - Combines weather warnings around Europe
  • > Currency converter - Good tool for converting currencies
  • > Wordreference.com - English <-> Italian, French, Spanish dictionaries and Spanish <-> Portuguese dictionary. Often presents a lot of different use cases for the word
  • > EU Product safety - European Commission's product recall and hazard notices (RAPEX) on EUROPA Portal
  • > US Product safety - US Consumer Product Saftey Comission's (CPSC) recalls and product safety news
  • > The Scandinavian Canals - Website presenting watrerway canals in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Most information is currently only in Swedish or Finnish
  • > Zucchero - The hairy Italian rasp throat (official site)
  • > National Novel Writing Month - Each November people all over the world try to write their own 50 000 word story in a month's time
  • > Portti Science Fiction - The largest scifi magazine in Finland
  • > FAST - Finnish Association of Software Testing. Join the mailing list and you're in. Some irregular information sharing and events in English as well
  • >  - Relaxed Aussie guy is trying to teach me bass playing. He can teach but can I learn?
  • > Douglas Coupland - Coupland's books are really supreme stuff, definitely worth reading! Judging from the homepage, the guy's talent doesn't stop there
  • > Carl Hiaasen - My fav crime novel writer whose humoristic crime stories are mostly set in Florida state
  • > House of Mirrors - Finnish AOR band in which a namesake of mine plays drums. And they really rock too
  • > Aki Riihilahti - World class footballer who also seems to have a good attitude off pitch as well
  • > Cranial Screwtop - This band grinds rockish punk and their sound grooves like an elk
  • > Dr. Brian May - The best guitar god in the world!
  • > Planet Jone - Jone is a Finnish guy bloggin' and stuff
  • > J. Pekka Mäkelä - One of the top names in Finnish science fiction literature. Such a shame his books haven't been translated to other langauages, he'd be success
  • > The Accordion Guy - Joey deVilla is a veteran top blogger from Canada. This IT guy also plays accordion with an attitude.