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Self portrait Let me tell you about it. It was bitterly cold winter day somewhere in early 80's when I decided to be born to this world. it all happened in Finland's "Manchester", a city called Tampere (or nicknamed Manse for short). I was originally given first name Jari-Pekka but as I reached adulthood, I thought it was a stupid boring name. So I officially changed my first name to Jari and picked up Steve as my middle name. Yep, Steve. You can call me Jari (Yah-re), Steve or make up your own random nickname for me. I've been called for example Öri, Jarza, Jay and Jarmeister. I'll accept pretty much anything.

So I was raised in a working class neighborhood and even though the hoods were ruff I ended up being a socially compatible tax payer. At the moment I work as a software tester which profession fits me like a fist to the eye. I've done my whole working career in IT apart from the first one and a half months that I worked as a magazine editorial staff for the City of Tampere.

Tampere - City between two lakes, divided by rapids
Tampere - A lakeside city where the rapids roars

Some years ago I ended up having to move here to the belly button of Finland (and the world it seems), the capital city called Helsinki, to pursue a job. However I just moved to the backwoods of Vantaa, another city in the greater capital area just outside of Helsinki. Manse is always however close to my heart and I hope to move back there to retire, or preferably sooner. Yeap, I would also like to go and work abroad for some time. For now the gates haven't opened for that. Not even though I am working for a multinational corporation.

What comes to my hobbies, writing has always been a big thing for me. I've mostly been a desk drawer writer but lately I published a poem book called Vihassa Vihtoen, translating to something like Saunabathing in anger. You can read some of my writing in the Texts section of this site.
On sports side bowling and badminton are my favorites. I've done some fitness boxing earlier as well. And as a kid I did trained karate for two weeks. CHIII-YAAAAY!
In addition I've every now and then I've tried to study some languages in adult education centers and adult open high school. I am currently involved in the IT workers' section of Finnish BBA association. Yeah, I admit - a lot of my free time gets spent in front of a computer. I can also confess I am a huge Zucchero fan.

Some sort of life attitude of mine could be put as Well I seen this too then. And now you've seen this so you can continue to other parts of the site. It's good bye for now, I'll be off then. 

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