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  Today it is, today the God Birther gives us her protection. This night has been prepared for long, the ceremony items are laid on the altar table and anointed with Holy Ointment. Even the Venus is close to the Moon, you can feel it as an electricity in the air, the night sky is unusually electric blue like it also would be waiting for the beginning of the Great Ceremony.

  In the Hall of the Sacred a sweet smell of incense already lingers. The smell cannot escape from the Hall of the Sacred as the ventilation valves have been blocked either completely or partly, the smell will lead to trance - and connection with God Birther. The Holy Semecus does a ritual nod from which I know he is still fully mentally aware, the ritual nod is impossible to do while in trance
  From the background an eerie choir chanting starts slowly to emerge. It is played from a tape first to induce our Brethren and Sisters to sing together. Singing helps getting into trance.

Scary Church  One by one the members of the congregation start to sing, some even start dancing. With two of the Holy Ones I watch how one after another gets in the trance. I start speaking to the congregation in Latin, the text has been taken from scrolls found from the Roman Empire era, the words don't form any entirety. They mention the words god and king often enough that anybody knowing Latin wouldn't start paying attention to the text. I first preach with weak, almost mumbling voice. As more and more go in to a trance, I will raise my voice little by little.

  The soundscape gets louder and turns into a cacophony. Now is the right time, this has been prepared for weeks. The congregation was set up only for this moment. I wave my arm to signal Holy Dernaus across the hall that we're ready start the blessing part of the ceremony. Holy Dernaus nods and leaves the hall to accomplish his own Holy Mission. I take a gilded stick, raise the ceremonial bowl over my head, I recite loudly in Latin several times "The new God borns tonight" while hitting the bowl with the stick. I get the tranced congregation's attention. I pour some water from the bowl to the ground and on the table in a big circular motion, chanting a few ritual words at the same time. The members of the congregation form a line and approach the altar one by one. I dip the stick in to the bowl and draw a letter "D" on their forehead with water and say in Finnish "You've been anointed, the God Birther is here tonight." As they move away from the altar they begin to sing a ritual song. After the last one has received his blessing I look at the two Holy Ones next to me. We nod at each other and enter a door behind us.

  I step in to a room where the other five Holy ones are present. In the center is a low wooden table which has a black garbage bag on it. I look at the bag and ask
- How did we do?
- 6198 euros, and we didn't even empty anybody's wallet completely, replies Holy Dernaus, or better known as Pena Räikiä.
- A bit over a grand per face, not bad for couple of weeks' job especially if we count in the few donations and gold jewelry we got before tonight, I say and continue
- Now we have the final part to do. You two, Ville and Toni, stay here to finish the ceremony with me. Others can leave and we'll see us tomorrow as agreed. Gentlemen, I thank you for well executed plan.
  I grab a plastic bag under my cloak and put my share, 1033 euros in it, the money feels good in my cloak pocket. Wage for a job well done.

  After the ceremony I am the last one left in "the church". I change to my regular clothes so nobody will pay special attention to me when exiting the building. As I am about to open the door to leave, I feel a touch on my shoulder. I turn around to look and I see a figure that has no clear features standing further back. A faint light seems to be glowing from the figure.
- Who is there?
- So you do not recognize me, the God Birther?
- What the hell? There isn't such thing.
The figure brightens into a strong white light and hovers in front of me. I can't still make out any face or details in the figure.
- What do you want, whoever the heck you are?
The figure's voice echoes in the church as it answers:
- You will see that soon. 

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