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How tv series "The 4400" got its name

  A scriptwriter sat at the guest cafe of a big tv network company with a cup of already cold black coffee. The scriptwriter didn't have any actual business to conduct at the tv network building but he wanted to suck in inspiration from the environment as he was trying come up with a name for a science fiction tv series he was drafting. A name always helped to kick off the story in drafting phase. Especially in this story he wanted the title to reflect the content of the series. The cafe was starting to close - he was in fact the only customer left. The cafe's cleaner was starting to mop the floor behind the cashier counter. The scriptwriter had to come up with a title for the pitch to the producer tomorrow.

Image of a coffee cup in a cafe- Hey, you over there. Give me a number between thousand and ten thousand, the scriptwriter said to the cleaner mopping the floor.
- Wha? Umm, let's say 2573, the cleaner responded bit confused.
- No no no, that is not nearly enough. Come on, give me a real number, boy, the scriptwriter demanded.
- I don't have tim., the cleaner started
- Just give me a number and stop arguing!
- Whatever, 6711 then, the cleaner said sighing deeply.
- 6711? 6711? Look, this is a serious scifi series and not a redneck "let's breed like rabbits" reality show.
- Yeah whatever dude, I need to continue the cleaning, the cleaner said with mild irritation in his voice.
- Oh, you're not continuing anything before you have given me a proper number. 6711 is way too big. And how about not getting fancy with the numbers and just give me even hundreds, the scriptwriter demanded.
- This is the last damn number I'll give you: fiftysixhundred. FIVE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED. Got it? Huh buddy? Excuse me but I am going to get on with the cleaning and you'll stop interrupting my work.
- That is still too much. Listen, I'll make you an offer: 4400. I think it sounds really good. So let us settle on that, shall we? Yes, I can almost see how 4400 will capture viewers to their television sets around the world. What an awesome number! Now I need to come up with something more to the title just than the 4400, the screenwriter started to ponder.
- Please, can you take your brainstorming session somewhere else? I really need to get the cafe floor swept so I get to go home at some point.
- But this cafe is the only place where I can create. If I need to leave now boy, the series will be called only 4400, the scriptwriter said alarmed.
- That makes me cry big tears for you, the cleaner said sourly and continued "Get going or I need to hurt you with the mop".

The scriptwriter stood up and left towards the front door of the tv network building. The cleaner shook his head and continued mopping, sighing quietly to himself "bite me, jackass."

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